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Our New School is about to OPEN!!!

-From Jon-

We have been working hard for the last year, and all that hard work is about to pay off. We secured a location last month to open our school. In about 2 weeks it should be ready to open it's doors and start accepting trial lessons. I hope that everyone can join us and start to study English and STEM while having a great time playing.

I was asked the other day to explain what STEM is and why it is being paired with English. The most basic definition of STEM is that it is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math. While this might seem odd to be both an English and a STEM school, they are actually subjects that go hand-in-hand. In the international community at large currently there is a huge increase in stem related careers. These careers include; Technological innovation, IT computers, laboratory scientists, and researchers, along with engineers. The demand in these fields is constantly growing. The demand for people who can fulfill these new job opportunities is less than the supply of people who are adequately trained in them. This means that children who grow up with a stem based education have a huge advantage over students who don't. Students who have completely STEM education will almost always have successful career opportunities in the future. Speaking of which, having a working command of English will then allow our students to communicate with others in the international community and allow them to experience continual growth as an individual.

It's also absolutely one of the most fun educational fields out there to teach. I cannot tell you how much fun it is for me to come to work every day, and to know that I get to teach about robots or I get to teach some of my favorite science facts, or lead a lab experiment, or the that I can build stuff with my students

So having this new school ready to accept trial lessons is probably one of the biggest most important events of my teaching career. It has been a hard year for everyone involved in this project and I want to take a moment to thank them all profusely. I think this school will be very helpful in the Community. I think this program and curriculum will be very, very helpful in both your child's life, and your own. Come see us today, and learn for yourself what STEM is. And see how much fun your child will have enjoying the lessons we teach here at Centauri Institute.

We are still working on setting up the classroom, but I think that it is coming along pretty nicely.

-From Aya-

 2021年春に立ち上げたCentauri Institute(ケンタウロス学院)、コロナ禍もあり、なかなか思うようには進まないこともありましたが、この度、八王子市大横町に教室を構えることとなりました。まずは、この教室オープンに力添え下さった皆様に感謝申し上げます。












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